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Data Deletion Policy:


User details and any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected by the L1NKUP Platform is stored in an encrypted internal Database which can only be accessed by our own systems through our own secured API. All user details transferred across the internet are exclusively through SSL Encrypted HTTPS connections using certificates issued with a from a globally trusted Certificate Authority to ensure encryption while data is moving between client and server devices. Our transactions are all handled through our Payment Gateway Partner, Stripe. As a result of our partnership with Stripe all transactional details, including card and bank details, and any other PII required to complete transactions is handled, stored, and secured by Stripe. Stripe’s is compliant with the most secure level of certification achievable in online payments and more details about Stripe’s security can be found at

We at L1NKUP have confidence in our ecosystem to provide a secure and enjoyable experience to our customers through the strong, detailed, and client-first service architecture we have produced. For more questions about security and any technical details please email

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